Our Philosophy


The environment is of the greatest importance. Our depot if fully concreted with an underground drainiage system which includes bunded tanks and interceptors. This system ensures that any spillages do not contaminate either the ground or any watercourses whilst allowing rainwater to simply run away! Our consideration of the environment doesn't end there though! We also have a policy of ensuring that all of our vehicles, plant and machinery conform to the latest environmental standards and are kept fully maintained. This is not only goor for the environment, it makes sound business sense too, ensuring that we can provide the best possible value for our customers.


We have identified that investment is the key to success, both for our business and also for the environment. By utilising the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment we are able to minimise impact on the envorinment whilst maximising efficiencies. This enables us to ensure our customers receive the best possible value without having to compromise our environmental responsibilities.